KGOC organized an honoring ceremony for its long service employees who have over 20-year service in the Company and the oil sector. It was held on Thursday, 8th March 2018, at Jumeirah Hotel & Resort. The ceremony was attended by KGOC’s Executive Management, led by the CEO Mr. Abdulnaser Alfulaij, DCEO of Finance and Administration Affairs Mr. Abdullah Al-Shammari, and DCEO of KJO. Mr. Saeed Al-Shaheen, in addition to the Company’s managers. The ceremony was opened by Mr. Al-Shammari, who thanked the employees for their giving and sincere work throughout those years in the Company and the oil sector, stressing that all long service employees will be honored in the coming years. Mr. Alfulaij welcomed the honorees and thanked them for their continued sincerity and dedication, confirming that working for such a long period in the oil sector is a unique effort contributed to the renaissance of Kuwait State. He appealed to his colleagues to work and give continuously to contribute to the renaissance of the oil sector and Kuwait State, because the homeland deserves a lot of work. Also, the honoring included two of the retired employees; Mr. Helal Al-Mutairi, former Manager of HR Group, and Mrs. Hayat Abbas, former Team Leader of Risk Management, Insurance & Environment for their service and efforts in the Company. At the end of the ceremony, the Executive Management honored the national days’ activities team for its efforts which contributed to the success of the Company’s activities to celebrate the National Day and the Liberation Day, and producing them as required.