In a ceremony held in Oil Sector Complex and attended by oil sectors top officials and representatives from different State’s bodies and institutions, KPC and its subsidiaries celebrated the memory of extinguishing Kuwait’s Oil Fires. Mr. Nabeel Bourisli, KPC MD of International Marketing, launched the celebration through a speech, in which he explained the importance of this occasion to Kuwait State and the oil sector, and the efforts exerted to extinguish more than 700 wells in a record time of 240 days, after the global estimates that the extinguishing process will take about five years. He praised the firefighters from Kuwait and 10 other countries who participated in this remarkable environmental and national achievement. The celebration was attended by KGOC CEO Mr. Abdulnaser Alfualij and a number of the Company’s employees, where the environmental achievements of KPC and its subsidiaries were reviewed, in addition to presenting a documentary film about the journey of “Oil Pits Rehabilitation”, one of the most important environmental achievements of the KGOC in WJO Area.