In the scope of implementing its community role and responsibility towards different categories and sectors of the society, KGOC has supported the Environmental Voluntary Foundation’s environmental activities, and contributed to its activities in this regard, such as protection of coral reefs and cleaning the beaches, in addition to supporting Kuwaiti Dive Team’s activities through donating a four-wheel drive. In the same context and proceeding from its Management’s interest to diversify community contribution, KGOC, represented by its Social Responsibility Committee, contributed to support the activities the Home of Jasmine of Kuwait Red Crescent for the relief of Syrian displaced children by supporting the Home of Jasmine Project (I and II), providing school meals and clinic for the students of the two projects, and enduring their operational expenses during 2018. KGOC CEO Mr. Abdulnaser Alfulaij submitted the Company’s contributions to Mr. Walid Al-Shatti, Vice Chairman of Environmental Voluntary Foundation, and Mr. Anwar Al-Hasawi, Vice Chairman of the Kuwaiti Red Crescent, in the presence of Mr. Abdulla Hashem, Manager of Commercial Affairs & Public Relations Group and the Head of KGOC CSR, and Mrs. Wesam Najaf, Chief Human Resources Officer and activist in voluntary work.