In the scope of development procedures to reinforce its image internally and externally, and to raise quality and excellence standards in its various operations, KGOC launched the new version of its official website (, which has been completely updated using the latest digital technology in the field of websites design. On this occasion, the CEO Mr. Abdulnaser Alfulaij praised the efforts of the employees working on the website and the implementation of the new version on time by using the Company’s workforce, which reflects their ability to keep up with the latest technological developments and save expenses to meet the Company’s work requirements. Mr. Alfulaij also praised the work of the Website Permanent Committee members, headed by Mr. Anwar Al-Sharqawi, his deputy Mr. Materan Al-Shammari, the colleagues Latifa Al-Nasrallah, Latifa Al-Essa, Waleed Al-Sarraf, Fahad Al-Ajmi, Fahad Al-Qattan, and Ahmad Safar, the Committee members. In this regard, Mr. Al-Sharqawi, Manager of Information Technology & Services Group, confirmed that the website is distinguished with many features such as the development of technical features, user interface, the ability to use electronic maps to access the Company’s geographical location, and updating the content of the site so that the user can browse and access information easily and conveniently. Consequently, the new version is the Company’s official interface on World Wide Web which can be browsed through all electronic devices and tablets.