KGOC has gained the Gold Award in recognition of its practices and achievements in safety and health performance during the year 2017 from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA), one of the most prestigious global awards in the field of occupational safety and health, which is recognized globally. Companies operating in different sectors around the world, especially those operating in the oil industry, are competing to win this award in order to confirm their ability to manage operational risks and their commitment to health and safety practices. On this occasion, KGOC CEO Mr. Abdulnaser Alfulaij said that the Company obtained this award by virtue of the Almighty, and the efforts of the employees through their continuous commitment to health and safety standards in the work environment. He pointed out that obtaining the award for the first time requires the Company, represented by the Risk Management Group and HSSE Team, to provide several reports and evidence that confirm the Company’s application of health and safety standards. In addition to its efforts to raise the awareness of its employees in this regard through organizing awareness campaigns, training and workshops, in which the Company was able to achieve by the efforts of the concerned teams and the commitment of all employees in all matters related to the instructions and guidance of security, health and safety within the work environment. Mr. Alfulaij also assured that KGOC is not only concerned with the safety and health of its employees within its work sites, but also its concern extends to the outside work environment, in which it implements awareness initiatives regarding the health and safety of employees by organizing training workshops and awareness lectures on various topics such as safe driving, smoking seriousness and other important health issues. As well as the Company considers the safety of its employees is an integral part of its work, as it pays attention to all that relates to HSSE. He pointed out that the HSSE Team is currently working on behalf of the Company to obtain more awards in the fields of traffic safety and the environment.