We are fully committed to provide and maintain a safe, secure and healthy working environment for our employees, contractors and visitors, and to protect the environment. We will prevent pollution and adverse/negative impacts our operations have on the environment where we operate by reducing waste, emissions and discharges, and efficient use of resources, whilst maintaining the highest standards of health, safety, security and environment management best practices within the company. We believe all incidents, injuries and workplace illnesses are preventable.

To accomplish this, we will:

  1. Improve HSSE site management by implementing relevant best practices, and providing a safe, secure and healthy work environment.
  2. Comply with local and applicable international health, safety, security and environment laws, regulations and industry standards.
  3. Identify hazards and evaluate risks associated with all company’s activities, on regular basis, and implement a program to eliminate, control or reduce the risks to as low as reasonably practicable.
  4. Demonstrate an effective health, safety and security management throughout the design, operation and management of our facilities and promote pollution prevention, energy conservation and reducing natural resources consumption.
  5. Utilize internationally recognized standards, procedures and processes for facility design, construction and start up activities.
  6. Apply effective procedures, structured inspections, maintenance programs for critical equipment and competent personnel to ensure that our facilities are operated within established parameters and accordingly to regulations.
  7. Inform and provide documentation necessary for Industry approved design, operation, inspection and maintenance of facilities and ensure that these are identified, accessible, reviewed, maintained and appropriately safeguarded.
  8. Ensure that the entire workforce are performing work in a manner that is consistent and compatible to our expectations on HSSE.
  9. Assign clear roles and responsibilities for the entire workforce and provide them with the necessary HSSE training to increase their skills and competency.
  10. Emphasize the belief that HSSE management is everyone’s responsibility through information boards, announcements, meetings, newsletters, etc.
  11. Empower all employees to maintain a safe, secure and healthy working environment while promoting a No-Blame culture.
  12. Set appropriate HSSE goals and targets in line with KGOC’s strategic vision, mission and objectives and provide adequate resources to achieve these through established HSSE programs.
  13. Encourage communication and consultation within the company and with all stakeholders, and community towards implementing the HSSE policy and relevant HSSE requirements to prevent/minimize all types of incident5, injuries, occupational illnesses, security breaches and environmental pollution and encourage open reporting of all incidents and near misses.
  14. Recognize and reward good HSSE performance and promote a positive HSSE culture by involving the ent1re workforce at all levels in HSSE initiatives.
  15. Evaluate and monitor HSSE performance results, investigate and learn from incidents and proac0vely respond through periodic management reviews for continually improving the HSSE policy, management system, its implementation and HSSE performance.
  16. Monitor the effectiveness of, and compliance with our HSSE management system, objectives and targets through internal and external audits and verifications.
  17. Proactively communicate our HSSE expectations, lessons learnt and other HSSE information openly with the community, our staff, our contractors and other stakeholders.
  18. Manage changes to operation, procedures, systems, site standards, facilities, structure or organizations to ensure that risks arising from these changes remain at an acceptable level.
  19. Plan and prepare to handle any potential emergencies resulting from an incident and take necessary actions to protect the people/ communities, the environment, assets and our reputation.

The success of this HSSE policy requires commitment and accountability from at! employees and contractors. We shall continually improve HSSE performance by fostering a positive HSSE culture that recognizes individual contributions towards the improvement of HSSE performance.