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KGOC Tender Plan

الكويت اليوم العدد 1573 السنة الثامنة والستون
No. Title Brief of Scope Anticipated Date of Issue /Commencement
1 KGOC Enterprise Software Licenses & Related Services Supply and Maintenance of Software/Subscriptions related to All Business applications for KGOC. Q1 - 2024
2 Project Management Services Perform all services required for Project Management, Construction Supervision and GES Engineering for Company’s Program of Projects Q1 - 2024
3 Nursery Services for KGOC Provision of Nursery Services for KGOC employee children Q1 - 2024
4 Leasing of Vehicles for KGOC Head Office Supply of light vehicles and drivers monthly with necessary services by the Contractor to the entitled KGOC employees Q2 - 2024
5 Replacement of 12” crude oil line between MAB Refinery to MAA Refinery Project with associated activities EPC contract to construct 16” pipeline between KNPC MAB upto KNPC MAA tank Q2 - 2024
6 Cable connection to the KGOC Main Office Building a)11 KV power and pilot cables for power connection to the KGOC New Main Office building project, thrust boring to connect the cables to the other side and then linking them to the main substation of the KGOC new main office building. b)Other scope related to the mentioned works of power connection. Q2 - 2024
7 KGOC Recruitment Services Contract (Framework Agreement) The services to assist KGOC in recruitment of highly skilled Oil& Gas industry professionals in various disciplined for probable employment in KGOC Q2 - 2024
8 Secondment of Specialized Personnel The Services from Contractor comprises of supply of specialized professional personnel as secondment to KGOC Q2 - 2024
9 Software Upgrade & Enhancement Upgrade existing Business Applications, procure & implement new Business Solution like Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation, Digital Solution etc Q3 - 2024
10 Early work Contrac Preparation of OPF site for EPC activities, making it ready for handover once the EPC contract is awarded. Scope of work includes site preparation and temporary construction facilities Q3 - 2024
11 Supply Personnel Protective Equipment for KGOC Manpower Purchase Personnel Protective equipment PPE for KGOC Manpower as per international standards and company specifications. Q3 - 2024
12 Completion of the construction and maintenance of KGOC New Main office building in Ahmadi ) To complete the remaining works such as shop drawings, procurement of material and construction. b) Maintenance of the new KGOC Main office building including the entire occupied portion in the premises. Q4 - 2024
13 Engineering, Procurement and Construction for Extension of Khafji New Gas Transit Line (Phase-2) Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) of the Onshore KGOC 12” Pipeline Extension in Kuwait (approximately 1 KM) form Anchor Flange (near IP75) to Pig Receiver area and then to 4 Tie-in locations (TP-009, 010, 011 & 012), including a new BVS-3 with modification of existing KOC Burn Pit, Scraper Receiver facility, utilities system, Backbone Communication – Primary 60 core Fiber Optic Cable (FOC), Valve Pits and hot tap tie-ins to the existing and new 24” HP Gas Pipeline to the downstream and upstream of KOC Intermediate Slug Catcher and ancillary systems. Q4 - 2024
14 QA/QC Services Perform all services required for Quality Management and Construction Quality Supervision, for Company’s Development Plan and Projects Q4 - 2024
15 Travel Agency Services Provision of travel services for Company employees, their dependents and Company visitors Q4 - 2024
16 Office Support Services Provide qualified and experienced manpower to support the offices in KGOC Head office Q4 - 2024